Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Class

Today in science students finished their story share and capture of the articles they read on the honey bee issue. This process follows a protocol in which students take the article they were assigned and share information in the form of a story to their group members who did not read that article. Those members listen and take down information on sticky notes. These sticky notes are organized into themes which help identify insights into the problem.

Students handed in their "Reading Synthesis Quads" for this activity.

 We have 6 articles that each team needs to read. Each person is responsible for reading 2 articles...therefore each team needs to make sure all 6 articles are covered. We are expecting a text marking strategy to be used in reading and all articles will end with a synthesis quad. These articles are used to gather our "need to knows". Please click here to access our need to know list!

Here are the electronic versions of the articles: 
  1. National Geographic Article (The Plight of the Honeybee)
  2. Time Magazine Article 
  3. NBC Article ("Declining honeybees a threat to food supply)
  4. Ethiopia: Bees make honey money
  5. Honeybee Mystery (Kids National Geographic)
  6. The Honey Hunters of Nepal

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