Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Class

Today in science:

Insights From Research and Reading

  • Due: End of Class Monday (Today)
  • Each partner must submit their edited insight developed last week.
  • When possible, try to include some science terms such as: mutualism, symbiosis, interdependence, ecosystem, population, community, species, relationships.
  • Remember the rules posted on our blog last week!

Profile of A Stakeholder in the current Bee Problem

  • Due: Beginning of Class Wednesday (October 30, 2013)
  • Each group must construct TWO profiles of potential stakeholders they want to target a solution for. Ultimately, you will select one in the end and in fact may choose another stakeholder that you didn’t plan for.
  • Use the following procedure to guide this work:

  1. Use the list developed in Social Studies class to guide your decision. Pick the two you want to focus on.
  2. Research how these “stakeholders” interact and hold a relationship with the honey bee. Focus on the following:
    1. How might they depend on honey bees and how do honey bees depend on them?
    2. How might this stakeholder help preserve the honey bee’s existence?
    3. How does this stakeholder feel about the current honey bee problem?
    4. How sustainable is their “business” if the honey bee population continues to go down?
  3. Using a regular size paper, create a “profile” visual combining visual sketches and words to communicate the background of this “stakeholder”.
  4. Post this “profile” on the front wall.

We are entering a period in the project where students will need to access a variety of resources... We have started a resource page with links to various websites.

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