Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday Class

Today in science we did not see everyone because of MEAP... Those classes we did have finished the reading that we started a couple days ago:

 We have 6 articles that each team needs to read. Each person is responsible for reading 2 articles...therefore each team needs to make sure all 6 articles are covered. We are expecting a text marking strategy to be used in reading and all articles will end with a synthesis quad. These articles are used to gather our "need to knows". Please click here to access our need to know list!

Here are the electronic versions of the articles: 
  1. National Geographic Article (The Plight of the Honeybee)
  2. Time Magazine Article 
  3. NBC Article ("Declining honeybees a threat to food supply)
  4. Ethiopia: Bees make honey money
  5. Honeybee Mystery (Kids National Geographic)
  6. The Honey Hunters of Nepal

Check out our highlight documentary of our Bottle Project '13! 

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