Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Class

Hello 7th Graders! Happy Friday!

We have two different quizzes today about Light and Sound.

Sound Waves Quiz (1st Hour)
Sound Waves Quiz (4th Hour)
Sound Waves Quiz (5th Hour)
Sound Waves Quiz (7th Hour)

Light Waves Quiz (1st Hour)
Light Waves Quiz (4th Hour)
Light Waves Quiz (5th Hour)
Light Waves Quiz (7th Hour)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Class

Here is the link for our RRR talk today!

Check this link out to view the real-time earthquake feed from the USGS!!
Earthquakes 2.5+ Realtime

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Class

Happy Monday!

We have a quiz today that is a couple of parts: 

Post-quiz- This quiz is not graded. It is the same as the Pre-quiz that you all got in the beginning of the unit.

Energy and Waves Multiple Choice- This quiz is graded! This is the multiple choice content part of our quiz.

Energy and Waves Essay Question- This is a paper that I will give out to you in class.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday 3rd Hour

Today and tomorrow we want to take a deeper dive into the age of dinosaurs. To catch a glimpse of this time period we are going to use some video clips...

Here is a folder...I would like you to watch them in order...

Monday Class

Happy St. Patrick's day!
Top o' the Mornin' to ya! 

Today we are learning about sound waves and how they work. We will be watching a short video about breaking glass with sound and then exploring sound through an online tutorial.

Breaking glass with sound!

This site has more information on how Guitar Strings make sound:

This orchestra uses slightly unconventional instruments to make music. They call themselves the Landfillharmonic:

Friday, March 14, 2014

Games for Math Lab Today!

Ratio Blaster

Facts Grand Prix

Dirt Bike Proportions

Ratio Space Invaders

Friday Third Hour

Greetings Third Hour!

First of all, please make sure you were able to finish your presentations from yesterday!

Second, I wanted to share a video about the devonian time period. I think it is important to catch a glimpse of what it may have looked like back then. Please don't confuse megaladon as a devonian's used for comparison sake!

Third, Here is a video about the Permian Mass Extinction that is a very important paleontology event... Please watch and have a short discussion...


I would like you to watch this video about an overview of the "Age of Dinosaurs"

Age of Reptiles (Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous) from Mr. Malefyt on Vimeo.

Please fill in your graphic organizers for these three time periods!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Friday Class

Potential, Kinetic, and Waves: Oh My!

It's centers day in science! We have three centers that will be happening in different parts of the room. While Coach Malefyt, Coach Wandel, and I will be around to help with questions about each of the centers, our first question for you is always going to be: did you take a look at the blog first?

I want this blog to be a resource for those times when the directions go in one ear and out the other, you just don't quite get the big picture the first time, or you just need a quick refresher. So use it as the great resource it is!

_ _ _ _ __ __ __________________________ __ __ _ _ _ _

Today you will be traveling around the room to our three centers: Slinky Waves, Potential vs. Kinetic, and Roller Coaster Ride.

Center #1: Slinky Waves

At this center, you will be using slinkies and your journal. There will also be directions taped to the table where the slinkies will be. The directions are as follows:

  1. With a partner, have one person stretch the slinky out on a hard surface. It should be stretched enough so that there is space between the rings, but not so much that it is all tight. We don't want to break our slinkies and it will be harder to see what you need to if it is too tight!
  2. The person who is stretching the slinky should move only ONE hand back and forward on the table. Let the rest of the slinky move.
  3. The person who is not holding the slinky should draw what they saw the slinky do when they moved it. Do your best to represent the motion in your journal on a fresh page.
  4. Switch your role with your partner. If you were the person who stretched the slinky, you are now going to be the one to  draw. If you were the person who drew, you are now stretching the slinky for your partner.
  5. Copy the labeled diagram of the parts of a wave on the lab table into your journal to try and label parts of your slinky drawing with the labels on the diagram. Do the best you can to match vocabulary with your drawing. 
  6. Answer these questions about your slinky and the diagram: 
    1. Did what you see in your slinky look like this diagram? 
    2. How did the slinky move when you let go? (Did it stop right away?)

Center #2: Potential vs. Kinetic

This center expands and continues our discussion on Potential and Kinetic energy from yesterday.

  1. Read through the site at this link: Potential and Kinetic Site
  2. Compose a Tweet in your journal that summarizes the differences between potential and kinetic energy. *Remember, a tweet is only 140 characters (including spaces) long!
  3. I will be looking through journals at these and showcasing some of the most creative ones in class and on the blog next week!

Center #3: Roller Coaster Ride

Keep track of your time at this station, this is the one that could last an hour if you let it!

  1. Begin the tutorial of "How to craft a super coaster." While the narrator reads the text to you, write down one main idea from each page. Don't worry if you don't understand all the math and physics that she gives you, just focus on one big thing that you get from each of the pages. 
  2. Build a coaster following the directions in the tutorial!!
  3. If your coaster crashes (mine crashed 9 times before I got mine to stop at the end of the track) draw the graph in your journal and write down the reason it gives you. 
  4. If your coaster isn't successful in the first 3 tries, move on to the next station. If you have time in class, you can come back to this one! Remember, the link is posted here, so you can access it at home too!

Thursday Class

Today we are going to dive right into the content of our unit. The first step is to figure out what you all already know about Energy and Waves. To do that, we are going to take a short Proprofs quiz.

Take your time,
Do your best,
R E L A X.

Hour 1 - Energy and Waves Pre-quiz

Hour 4 - Energy and Waves Pre-quiz

Hour 5 - Energy and Waves Pre-quiz

Hour 7 - Energy and Waves Pre-quiz

  • Once you are done with your quiz, find a partner who is also done with the quiz and share a device. 
  • Read the article What is Energy? with your partner and write down any vocabulary that you feel will be important to our study on Energy and Waves (you should come up with at least 10-12 in this article!).

  • If you finish with the quiz and the article, check out the links at the bottom of the article under the heading "Renewable Energy Sources." 
  • Choose a topic with your partner and write or draw 10 main ideas, definitions, or cool facts that you find on the site. A great thing to do would be to reproduce a diagram or graph from the article into your journal.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Class

Today we used the information from the interviews that we did yesterday to build some "amulets." Each group of students were given a table of supplies that included random items that ranged from pipe cleaners to foam dots. They made a gift for their partner that addressed their partner's inconvenience. They didn't set out to solve the problem for their partner, just inspire their partner to think of creative ideas about a solution.

We had a great time:

Wednesday Third Hour

Today in Third Hour...

We begin the process of looking at the different time periods in earths history. Enjoy the ride of exploration into worlds that are crazy and cool...

Instead of each person taking a deep dive into each time period, we are going to share the responsibility as a group. Your small group will be assigned a time period to explore and share out to your classmates.

Here is the activity sheet for all the hyperlinks!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Class

New seating chart, new trimester, new unit...everything is new in class today! The new unit is going to be focusing on Energy and Waves and hitting these standards:

  • K-7 Standard P.EN: Develop an understanding that there are many forms of energy (such as heat, light, sound, and electrical) and that energy is transferable by convection, conduction, or radiation. Understand energy can be in motion, called kinetic; or it can be stored, called potential...
  • P.EN.M.3 Waves and Energy-Waves have energy and transfer energy when they interact with matter. Examples of waves include sound waves, seismic waves, waves on water, and light waves.
    • P.EN.07.31 Identify examples of waves, including sound waves, seismic waves, and waves on water.
    • P.EN.07.32 Describe how waves are produced by vibrations in matter.
    • P.EN.07.33 Demonstrate how waves transfer energy when they interact with matter (for example: tuning fork in water, waves hitting a beach, earthquake knocking over buildings).

We are going to focus on the general question: "Sound: how can we reuse common household materials to amp it or damp it?" Check out the project flyer below for more information and get excited!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Temporary Connections Survey Link for High School Kids at Gentex

Final Showcase Survey

Monday Class

Happy National Nap Day!

Not only did we lose an hour, we are also switching our classes for the new trimester. Confusion galore!

Today in class we will be watching and grading as many videos as we can get through. Remember that everything needs to be uploaded on everyone's Vimeo and Who-Am-I. We can't watch it if you aren't in Coach Malefyt and Coach Wandel's inner circle.

3rd Hour Class

Today you will being a process of uncovering some science content in the area of paleontology. Remember the challenge for the current project... "Design an original and engaging board game that incorporates paleontology with with world geography."

Today start by watching this video clip:

Rock Layers Presentation from Mr. Malefyt on Vimeo.

After you watch the clip...please complete the activity...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Class

It's showtime!

We are taking time today to honor all of the hard work that you have been doing for the past few weeks. To start the class, there will be a few minutes to finish any last minute uploading to Vimeo and Who-Am-I, then we will start our Pure Michigan Ad/Music Video Showcase.

Get excited!