Saturday, January 3, 2015

Update and Explanation of Grading From Mr. Wandel


A Family Update For The Wandels:

I hope everyone had an enjoyable time of rest over the Holidays.  We encountered some family health issues at the beginning of break but everyone has pulled through.  My wife's father was able to get an emergency surgery to clear the blockage in his heart and save his life.  He is out of the hospital and doing better while undergoing treatment.  My wife's grandmother has gotten over influenza and is now in a rehabilitation center to regain strength.  My wife was able to have the esophogeal obstruction cleared and is receiving ongoing treatment that will help that to not occur in the future!

Wow, a lot going on but we can't ask for better results right now.....

On to grading....

I came in today (Saturday) and graded everything I could find here in the classroom.  If your child has a 1(m) in the gradebook that means I have not located that assignment.  That may or many not impact the final grade as the grades are set to take the "Best of" from each standard rather than an average.

The missing assignment could be from....
1.  Not handed in or not done.
2.  Handed in without a name on it.
3.  Handed in but I cannot find it here in the room as it was misfiled.

When the students get back we will put everything into portfolios and sort out any work that is left without names or has been misfiled.  

Students may turn work in when they get it finished as they choose.  I am flexible on that but won't go begging for their work either.  Students and Parents are invited to log into Powerschool Gradebook to follow and maintain their work submission.

Looking Ahead....

When we return we will continue our study of how the sun's energy impacts living and non-living factors here on earth.  We will see quite a few standards coming into the grade book over the next three weeks.  Some of these will come from written assessments.  Some of these will come from traditional standard assessments (Quizzes).  Some of these will come from student projects.

Continue to check into the blog as I post all of the material for the class as well as the links to grading rubrics.

Enjoy the rest of Break and I will see you Monday!

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