Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday-Wednesday in Science

Today we are putting the finishing touches on our lab test from last week!   We will then begin a short inquiry to gain insight about nuclear energy and how that relates to energy from the sun.

Fission and Fusion are specific topics we will try to learn more about!  Have conversations about those to help gain understanding!

Here is the Link to the activity we are going to complete.

Understanding Nuclear Reactions

We are coming up on a gradebook deadline for the semester.  I will grade anything students submit up until the deadline!   While I don't go begging for students to hand in work, I will work with them up until the last possible second!  If they don't reach the deadline, we will work to cover a standard they felt they missed in the next semester if need be.  It is my goal to be fair, honest, and flexible with grading while still encouraging accountability.

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