Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday Class

Today in science we continue to work on our final stop-animation films. Please follow the checklist found below to complete your project.

  • Finish “Four C’s” Research Sheet
  • Finish Storyboard
  • Create Props/Characters/Background/Letters
  • Using iMotionHD app, create stop animation. Make Sure you title your film on your ipad.
  • Save your stop animation to your camera roll.
  • Open IMovie and create a new project.
  • Import your stop animation from the camera roll into your iMovie Project.
  • Add Voiceover/Narration
  • If Needed: Add Title slides and IMovie Extras.
  • If Time: Create background music in GarageBand or other important music.
  • Save New IMovie onto your camera roll.
  • Upload Movie on camera roll into your Vimeo Account.
  • Embed Vimeo movie into your “Who Am I” portfolio.
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