Monday, May 18, 2015

Wild Things Assessment

L.EC.M.2 Relationships of Organisms- Two types of organisms may interact with one another in several ways: they may be in a producer/consumer, predator/ prey, or parasite/host relationship. Some organisms may scavenge or decompose another. Relationships may be competitive or mutually beneficial. Some species have become so adapted to each other that neither could survive without the other.

1.  Use the following resources to create a Lake Michigan Foodweb centered on the Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon Information

Land Plants
Aquatic Plants

2.  Add four invasive species to your Food Web.

Great Lakes Invasive Species

3.  Write Up:  What does the chinook salmon depend on for survival in Lake Michigan?  How do invasive species play into that

Paragraph One:  Explain the history of Chinook Salmon in Lake Michigan.
Paragraph Two:  Explain the survival interactions of the Chinook Salmon that are in Lake Michigan.  Talk about how invasive species may have impacted the population.
Paragraph Three:  Explain how we will keep the population stable in Lake Michigan in the future.
Paragraph Four:  Conclusion

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