Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday and Tuesday Science

Today in science we are doing individual research on the types of organisms we might highlight in the upcoming video feature.  We are completing the 4 C's activity to support this.

Objective: Discover critical information that helps you determine what creatures to highlight in your future movie.
Task: Research and document the following items about a chosen organism that could live in a Michigan Pond ecosystem.
  • Challenges: What challenges does this organism deal with throughout it’s life cycle?
  • Connections: What connections does this organism have with other organisms?
  • Character: What does this organism look like and act like at each stage of it’s life cycle?
  • Components: What does this organism need to survive at each stage of it’s life cycle?


  1. Document name of organism on back of sheet.
  2. Document website address for information collected in space below.
  3. Document information on back of sheet.

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