Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thursday and Friday Class

2nd Annual Hamilton 7th Grade Game Design Challenge!

You and a partner will design a game for your friends to play tomorrow in class.  The game needs to have an objective, be creative, and enjoyable to gamers that will try it.  Follow the instructions below to create your game.

1.  Gather a few materials from the bins in the room. Note the cards on the bin state the maximum number of items from that bin you may use. Games may not have more than 20 pieces total. Make a detailed list of materials so you can get them back easily tomorrow.

2. Brainstorm the “object” of your game.

3.  Design your game.

4.  Write rules and instructions for your game.  For ideas about a good rule or instruction sheet, check out my favorite childhood game instructions here: Candyland

5.  Lay out your game and practice it.   

6.  Revise your game.

What could you improve?
How could you make it more interesting?  
Does the game flow correctly?
Is there a point and can you determine a winner and loser?

7.  Replay your game to make sure your rules work!

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