Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Class

Today in science we continue to work on our google earth product creation. Most groups are in the product creation phase #5 on the list below.

Here are three targets for today:

1. Finish Placement of "Placemarks". Check out this link for help!

2. Start looking at how you can use a narrative tour! Use this link to help you!

3. Start creating a script to use on your tour!

Google Earth and Writing Script Product Information


  • Create a Google Earth Product that Teaches about the Rock Cycle
  • Create a script that accompanies the google earth product. The script should be appropriate to the task of explaining in written communication your knowledge of the rock cycle.
  • Include all phases of the rock cycle.
  • Use specific examples of rocks from our rock lab.
  • How unique and inspiring can your products be?

Suggested Procedure:
  1. Explore Google Earth
  2. Develop/Brainstorm a Plan (Not Using A Computer)
  3. Write Out/Sketch Out Your Plan
  4. Get Feedback on your plan
  5. Create on Google Earth Your Product
  6. Get Feedback on Your Product
  7. Make Changes to your Product based on Feedback

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