Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friday Primetime Class (Malefyt)

For those students who have Mr. Malefyt in Primetime today....

So sorry I could not be with your class today :) I hope that you are having a good day! Here is the procedure for today's class:

1.  Each student will need to complete a self evaluation on flexibility and adaptability today. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THAT EVALUATION! I ask that you spend some time reading through it and putting effort in creating an honest response! 

2. Watch the following Video on WHY these people do what they do...

Nikon - WHY from Corey Rich on Vimeo.

3. Using any app of your choice...Create something that demonstrates the WHY behind something you enjoy. This will be shown in class on Monday!

CONCLUSION: We will be talking on Monday about changing a focus from the What to the Why...Being Flexible... 

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