Thursday, December 8, 2011

Save The Piping Plover

Your Challenge is to Create and iMovie about the Piping Plover Recovery in Michigan!!!

Step One:  Research The SPECIES Piping Plover

Step Two:  Research The Piping Plover POPULATION from 1981-2007

Step Three:  Identify How Piping Plovers are Positively or Negatively Impacted by other POPULATIONS in the COMMUNITY.

     A.  Research The Habitat
     B.  Look at The Big Picture  
     C.  Understand What Else lives in an OPEN DUNE
     D.  Uncover the True Threats to Piping Plovers!

Step Four:  Create A Movie
Make Sure You Understand and Incorporate the Following Terms in Your Movie....

Species, Population, Community, and Ecosystem

Your Movie MUST Do One of the Following.

1.  Raise Awareness
2.  Describe the Protection Plan
3.  Explain a Better Idea to Protect the Plover

Save your Movie to Vimeo and Post it To Your Blog!!!

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