Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rainforest Web Quest for Mr. Wandel's Monday Class

Learning Target:  I can describe the Rainforest Ecosystem and give examples of biotic factors that dwell in this biome. 

Complete the Rainforest Webquest

1.  Read the Main Page of the Webquest that explains background information about the rainforest ecosystem.  This page also shows examples of the artist Henri Rousseau.  Rousseau is known for a unique style of nature art.

2.  Research different components of the ecosystem.  You may use the links provided or conduct your own research.

The Rainforest Biome is a great resource if you need a more expansive link.

3.   Create your own drawing in the style of Henri Rousseau.  You may use colored pencils and crayons from the bins.  You may also use pencil or pen to create a sketch.   Feel free to display your work in the hallway on the bulletin boards!

4.  If you finish early explore the links about rainforests or prepare for the TEST RETAKE on Tuesday.

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