Sunday, May 24, 2009

Project Handouts

We purposely left the project handouts off the blog. We want that work to be done IN CLASS. The idea is to promote teamwork and cooperation. Additionally we want to foster good conversations about these topics. Students will have plenty of time to finish the project if they use their time wisely.

Additional Note: When you don't find something on the website it is customary to ask for it politely. There may be a reason it is not on there. Please and thank you are common professional terms used in the work place when exchanging ideas and making requests whether in person or on-line. Quoting someone as a way of trying to call them out is not appropriate. (See comment under Wednesday Class). Also note we are not required to provide a website for this class, it is done as an extra way to help. We are only required to provide one copy of any work we want to have done and that has been done in school.

With that we understand that utilizing a course website is a learning process and are positive you did not mean to be pushy in cyber space. The reason we know this is true is that we have great kids that work hard and are VERY polite! Keep it up and thanks for making HMS a great place to be!!!

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