Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday Class

We started a new section of stations today. The theme around the stations is ecology wrap up. A description of the stations will be as follows: (Each class did two stations today.)

Station 1 (Mr. Wandel): Hydropoly Game. Grade: Passport Only
Station 2 (Mr. Wandel): Affirmation Station. Grade: Passport Only
Station 3 (Mr. Wandel): Review Sheet Station. Grade: Will be used for your quiz at station 4 plus passport grade.
Station 4 (Mr. Malefyt): Ecology Review Quiz. This station is not in your packet. Use your review sheets to help. Grade: quiz handed in and graded.
Station 5 (Mr. Malefyt): Food Web (YELLOW PAGE). Grade: Handed in plus passport grade.
Station 6 (Mr. Malefyt): Graphing Exercise (Green Sheet). Grade: Handed in plus passport grade.

Some of these documents can be found on our Great Lakes Ecology Page.

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