Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Class

Today we started our invasive species learning centers. There are a total of 8 learning centers. Stations 1-4 are in Mr. Wandels room and stations 5-8 are in Mr. Malefyt's room.

***Much of what we have here is not available online. Many of our resources come from the Ohio Sea Grant College Program which is only hard copies. We are trying to make them into PDF files.

Station 1: Great Lakes Shipping – What Gets Shipped?
Station 2: Before and After Posters
Station 3: Research Station for Newspaper Article
Station 4: Newspaper Article creation
Station 5: Lake Erie Water Snake Graphing Station
Station 6: Great Lakes Shipping- Economics of Shipping
Station 7: Lake Erie Water Snake Graphing Station
Station 8: Invasive Species Matching Exercise with political cartoon

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