Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wed. Class

Today, two things were done in class.
1. We covered another section of the power point presentation introducing ecology. Today we covered section IV (Food Web Terms). The power point can be viewed by clicking here or by linking to it on our ecology page.
2. We started our bottle biology building today. Most structures will be built by tomorrow's class. Therefore, students should bring their non-living components tomorrow.

*Don't forget that Friday the lab packet from earlier this week is due.
Goldfish Lab Report
1. Goldfish Drawing (With 4 Labels)
2. Goldfish Observation Lab (1-5)
3. Goldfish Behavior Lab Sheet
4. Goldfish Behavior Graph


Anonymous said...

What about the "Getting to know you" sheet?

Coach Wandel said...

Hang on to that....We will be using it soon.